We Do Laser Cut for you

We do Laser Cutting Services, we can cut your files or duplicate a part for your specific needs, there is a wide variety of materials we you can cut for you and now you can benefit from accuracy and precision of our laser systems, for dollhouses, control panels, puzzles part fabrication or any idea or project you may need help with, just contact us and let us know more about that and we will be happy to help you. Click the contact us button below:

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Most frequent questions and answers

We can accept mainly 2 types of files vector and bitmap. For more information see THIS

We can laser on many different materials, for more information please see THIS

Every job is different and take different times, please send us a message to reply to your specific needs.

Absolutely, when having big orders we first make a few samples and send pictures, and we will have no problem in sending the parts for evaluation upon request.

Sure, we can handle them and our dual headed machines will cut the production time in half.