Files We Accept

Our Laser systems can accept mainly 2 types of files vector and bitmap:

What is Vector File?

Vector file is a file where the typical elements used are basic shapes (squares, ovals, polygons, etc.), lines and curves, and text. The biggest advantages of a vector file are the size (very small), and the fact that you can make it enormous and it won’t pixelate or loss resolution… why? Well simply because when the file is stored you are saving directions like “this line goes from X to Y, this circle has a radius A and its center is located in position B, and so on”.

For this type of file we can accept file in such as CDR, PLT, AI, DXF, CUT among the most popular and more.

What is Bitmap file?

Bitmap file is for example a wedding picture, a portrait; basically everything that comes from a camera and of course the files created on software such as Corel PhotoPaint, Paint brush, Photoshop and others. You will notice that for the typical tools like the brush, pen, eraser, etc. you will be able to change the thickness in pixels. These files are much bigger because of the way it is saved on the disk, for example a picture 7×5 is equivalent to 504×360 pixels, so the software will create a matrix with 504 pixels across and 360 over and it will go from the first pixel to the last one, saving information about what color every pixel is.

 For this type of file we can accept BMP, JPEG, GIF among the most popular. If you do not see your type of file in any of the lists above please send us an email with a copy of you file for a free evaluation, and don’t worry we understand your files are private and they will be protected by our private policy, to see this policy please click here.