Product Overview

Celebrate any occasion with a very special gift This is a 11″ x 8″ personalized laser engraved Bamboo cutting board, we use a laser engraving machine for maximum resolution. You will upload your picture or artwork and you can add up to 2 lines of text at the bottom. If for any reason you forget something do not panic just send us a message or email.

Please remember the picture should be high quality to obtain great results, we will Photoshop the picture and do the cropping, background erasing, etc. and correct some light issues to enhance the engraving quality.

Shipping is included with your order within the US including Puerto Rico and Hawaii!

Price: $34

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    This is made out of 100% natural bamboo.

    This piece is more like a decorative piece although you can still use it as a regular cutting board we recommend cutting in the back of it to preserve the picture longer.

    Sure if you buy 5 pieces or more we will make you a special price.

    Sure, that will be no problem.